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Meet Ela our Patternmaker

Sadly for A Fitting Connection our patternmaker Jewelz, has decided to hang up her tools. While this has taken us a little to get use to as Jewelz become a wonderful addition to our team here, we fully support Jewelz with her decision. And with everything Jewelz did she hasn’t let us down as she went and found a wonderful replacement for herself. 

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6 Super Easy Ways to Get More Traffic and Leads on Instagram

About 60% of Instagram users log in every single day, so businesses have a chance to connect with a large part of their audience on a daily basis. That said, enticing consumers to purchase your products through this social app isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re having a hard time attracting them in the first place.

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Top 5 Common Garment Defects

Whether you’re a producer (local or offshore) or the end-consumer there is nothing more frustrating than to find the product has a defect, or worse, multiple defects. Especially when you believe you’re paying for a high standard of quality.

So, here are top 5 garment defects to look for and how you can instruct the manufacturer to fix them. 

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Rewarding Collaboration

The team at A Fitting Connection are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Wilde Collaborative to bring you our Connection, Style & Shoot service.

As our name suggests A Fitting Connection is all about our connections and making sure they are the fitting ones. Which is why we have reached out to Wilde Collaborative who’s strengths are also connecting with innovative small businesses and influencers.  

We love social media and it’s powerful marketing potential. Our approach to content creation is centred around beautiful lifestyle imagery that tells the story of your brand in an aesthetically pleasing and unique way.  

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Your Fitting Connection Freight Guide to Importing Your Goods

All you need to know about shipping and importing can be found here, and if you have any further questions we are a quick email/phone call away with all the answers.

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My Why...... What's Yours?

“So I can work around my kidlets”. This person turned to me and said “That is an outcome of what you do and there are many things that will allow you to be there for your kids”. Again, she asked “What is your why?”. This question sat with me for many months.

Then one day I had that light bulb moment…

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The Top 9 Things to do Before Sourcing Stockists

So you’re ready to take your fashion label to the next level and gain distribution through the right stockists. That’s amazing, congratulations! But don’t know where to start?

We here at, A Fitting Connection, a Melbourne company dedicated to launching fashion labels, suggests that you do these top 9 things before sourcing stockists.

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How long should I allow for sampling and the production process?

This is not only a great question, but an important question to ask so that you can determine timelines and ensure you receive your product within your expected time frame.

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Meet Xanthe our Fit Specialist, Pattern Maker & Seamstress

We would like to introduce the newest member of our team Xanthe. She has a cute little accent but don’t hold that against her, in fact we believe that it’s an assist; we have never met a New Zealander that is anything other than beautiful inside out and have a work ethic that one wished they could bottle. Without further ado let’s ask Xanthe a few questions so we can all get to know her better.

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Understanding the Sample Process

If you understand how the sample process works you are much better prepared for the journey you’re about to undertake. Not only will you have a better understanding of how long the process will take, you will also understand the industry language when talking to designers, patternmakers, garment technicians, manufacturers and suppliers.

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6 Things to Help Communications with your Manufacture

We I would love to tell you that once you have found a manufacturer that is willing to work with you on your product/collection it will be somewhat smooth sailing. But it’s best to plan for some bumps.

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Meet Corine our Fit Specialist

The team that makes up A Fitting Connection have all been extremely busy with the lead up to CNY, but Corine has squeezed in a little time to answer a few questions so you can all get to know her a little better.

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Fashion Acronyms & Abbreviations

We’ve compiled a list of acronyms and abbreviations that are commonly used in the fashion world to help those that are unfamiliar with own unique langue.

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Meet Tarmi our Designer

The team that makes up A Fitting Connection have all been extremely busy and our designer Tarmi is no exception.  So I really appreciate the time she has taken to answer a few questions so you can all get to know her a little better. 

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Give Your Unwanted Bra a New Life

How many bras do you currently have in your underwear draw? Could you imagine not having a choice of which bra to wear or worse, not having a bra at all?

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Spec Sheet V’s Spec Pack

Specification sheet (or more commonly known as a Spec sheet) can be found in a Spec Pack. And together they provide important details to ensure the manufacture’s team understands what your finished garment/s should look like. A Spec Pack will help produce accurate samples and improve sample turnaround time as well as simplify communication during all stages of sampling, production and quality control.

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Your designs could be walking the PARIS runways!

Have you ever dreamed about your designs being showcased on a runway? Ever wondered who you have to know, or what you have to do, to be one of the few Australian fashion labels to walk the accolades of Paris Fashion Week?

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Love, Pride and Respect.

This week we took to the stores with one of our clients who designs and produces ‘occasion wear’, to do some comparisons of quality and sizing with brands she holds as competitors. 

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Meet Jewlez our Pattern Maker

Recently our pattern maker Jewelz had a little time out to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. But before she left I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions for our clients and followers to get to know a little more about our team behind the scenes.

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What To Supply a Manufacturer