Fit Specialist 

Corine started designing and making her own clothes from the age of 15, having a specific passion for Vintage fashion and adapting that into current everyday wear.

She completed her certificate 4 in clothing industry studies/ small business & merchandising in 1998.

She went straight into a junior position working for Converse Australia doing pattern making and local production, whilst after hours developing and making couture gowns with specific attention to corsetry. She quickly became known for her work and was approached to make debut balls thought to bridal gowns.

In 2004 she moved into her 1st Senior position in the industry at Levis Strauss Australia and from there she was hooked, getting a real insight into the fast fashion world, with specific attention to denim and the attention to detail required to make the ultimate fitting jean. Corine has since worked within the walls of many leading fashion business and along with her intensive travel to China & India she is an assist to the team.