What They Say

In the early stages of the brands launch, I was looking for a garment technician who
was hard working, determined and willing to go the distance. Katrina far exceeded all expectations and brought so much more to the team.
Her bubbly enthusiastic, and easygoing personality makes work a breeze. Her attention to detail, and support has added so much value to the brands success.
Katrina’s various years of working in the industry has provided her much knowledge and understanding of the production process and off shore manufacturing,
which in turn has been an important asset in the brands growth to excel and constantly evolve.
— Santina - Santina Nicole
I had heard about Katrina from various industry professionals before finally getting to work
with her. She is everything we expected and more! Not only is she a garment tech virtuoso, Katrina has also provided us with valuable industry
knowledge due to her extensive experience, which has made her a great asset to our business. Katrina goes out of her way to cater to our ever changing timelines, and is always a blast to have at the office. We’d be absolutely lost without her!
— Wendy - Grace Willow
Active Creatures has been working with A Fitting Connection for the past three years. We have always found Katrina to be professional, communicative and capable of solving problems with creative thinking. Katrina is always up for a new challenge and is passionate about the work she performs.
— Melody - Active Creatures
When I moved to Australia, I was really lucky to meet Katrina. She has helped me greatly with both
the industry and settling into life in Australia. With more than twenty years experience in industry, Katrina is willing to introduce new customers to
my trading business Textile and Co and has helped us build relationships, forming a strong foundation for the business. We have found her to readily offer suggestions to our clients when they come across fitting problems which speaks volumes about her character. I really appreciate what she has done for Textile and Co, and we are very keen for her to continue her role with us - she is a valued member of our team!
— Ammy - Textile & Co